The Big Day

It can mean a wedding, fundraiser, shower, bar mitzvah, corporate fete or friendly hoedown. People talk about the Big Day. They plan for the Big Day. At The Red Cake we create the Big Day.

Anyone that has ever tried to plan a party knows that helping people have fun is hard work. Heather Day specializes in the sort of hard work that make events feel elegant and festivities look effortless. When you are planning the Big Day, bring in a professional.

Red Cake Wedding

Heather studied Cultural Geography at LSU, so it is no surprise that the center of her map has always been south Louisiana. Maybe it was traveling with her husband, Jason, or maybe it was hours spent reading about the beautiful variety of the world but something led Heather to event planning back in 2001.

Heather has used her experience at The Red Cake to help promote the community she loves, serving on boards for the LSU Museum of Art, Forum 35, Of Moving Colors, Elan Vitale Montessori School and others. That is how Heather sees the world; you are only part of a community when you give something back to it.

This is the integrated philosophy of The Red Cake. Be a part of everything. Heather sources most of her products from local craftspeople and businesses. Keeping it at home keeps quality high. Local relationships mean long-term commitments to excellence. Whether it is local printmakers working a letterpress to produce unique invitations or local chefs that wander the farmer’s market for the freshest, seasonal food, Heather and the crew at The Red Cake pay attention to the details. And paying attention to the details is what makes great events.